Captivate your customers from an office sparkling with old world charm

Plumridge House 23-1-14_1820

Plumridge House a refurbished factory, started its journey with very sweet beginnings, originally as Plumridge Confectionary Warehouse and after a merger became the Nestle Chocolate Factory. It also has involvement with many Australian Success stories such as Super Cheap Autos and Mountain Designs. From the moment you step inside you will be charmed by the distinct individuality that oozes from this beautifully transformed building. With its highly polished floors, slightly quirky features and memorable artwork, these premises will inspire and delight all who visit and become cherished by those fortunate enough to secure an office within its walls. The building is passionately owned and managed by a family that’s has made its life out of specialising in Heritage Renovations and Plumridge House is a show case of this in all its Glory.